Dr. Dale Forsythe, Kelowna ChiropractorDr Dale Forsythe, Resident Chiropractor
Like all the very best chiropractors, Dr Forsythe became fascinated with chiropractic care when he personally experienced its effectiveness.

“When I was young I was sliding into second base and I hurt my ankle,” explains Dr Forsythe. “The injury persisted for over a year. My uncle, who was a chiropractor, came to visit and he saw me limping and he asked me why. He corrected it and we got talking – and I forgot all about wanting to be a dentist!”

Now Dr Forsythe has more than 40 years of experience in chiropractic care to his name, and he is a great advocate of its abilities.

“Not only is it the safest form of  primary contact healthcare, but it actually focuses on the underlying cause of the problem – not just the symptom. I love the aspect that it’s more than just pain control; it’s about enhancing one’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate your internal environment. I show the patient how to be their own doctor.”

When he’s not busy caring for his patients, Dr Forsythe can often be found riding horses in the wilderness with his wife Melody .

“It’s a very peaceful and serene pastime for us,” he enthuses, “And it allows us to re-charge our batteries so that we can give our undivided attention to our patients when we’re working.”

Melody Forsythe, Office Manager and Natural Weight Loss and Nutrition Co-ordinator
“Forsythe Family Chiropractic is first and foremost a wellness practice,” explains Melody, “So a Natural Weight Loss and Nutrition Clinic works well alongside chiropractic care.”

“We treat the cause, not the symptom. It’s not about losing weight and yo-yo dieting; it’s about getting healthy. We provide a full service that our patients can follow for a lifetime.”

In her spare time, Melody loves nothing more than saddling up her horse and heading into the wilderness with her husband, Dr Dale Forsythe.

“We’re bush-whackers more than anything!” she laughs. “I grew up in that environment and I love it. We love to get on our horses and get as far away from the hustle and bustle as we can.”