Natural Weight Loss Advice

Kelowna Natural Weight Loss ProgramOur Natural Weight Loss advice differs from other weight loss programs because it focuses on the underlying causes of your ill health that are stimulating the fat retention hormones and inhibiting the hormones that burn fat.

“It’s about making a lifelong change and losing weight in a safe and healthy way,” explains Natural Weight Loss Co-ordinator Melody Forsythe.

“At the first one-to-one session we assess what body-type a client is – adrenal, ovary, liver or thyroid. We   discuss their eating habits and any underlying health issues that they may suffer from.”

“They are then coached on what they should be eating for their body type. There are six fat-burning hormones and three fat-storing hormones. I coach them on how to eat so that the fat-burning hormones work for them.”

You will not be required to sign any long term contracts or buy pre-packaged foods.

Call today to arrange for a complimentary telephone consultation at 250 765 1466.


“I was a chiropractic patient of Dr. Forsythe’s for a few months when I decided it was time to address a stubborn weight problem I had. Melody got me started and within two days I was sleeping better than I had in decades and within a month my blood pressure dropped lower than it had been in years! On top of that I have continued to lose weight and have more energy.”    Benita S.

“ I had just had my M.D. tell me my 30 year old body needed to be a lot lighter in weight. After consulting with Dr. Dale and Melody I got started on their program and the results were immediate – better sleep, more energy and a shrinking waist line!”          Michael J.